Active Shooter Scare Hits Close to Home

An active shooter scare which occurred at the heavily populated Dolphin Mall on Saturday sent shoppers running for exits. During these situations panic and chaos add to the threat at hand. When visiting shopping malls or athletic events become familiar with exits. Usually a traffic jam occurs when everyone is trying to leave the area at the same time. It may be safer to continue on foot getting as far as possible from the threat to a location in which other means of transportation can be arranged. Also leave large shopping bags behind. There are no items worth struggling with thru a crowd that can cause a delay during your exit.

Terrorists have been switching tactics within the last year around the world utilizing motor vehicles to run down unsuspecting crowds causing large number of casualties. We recommend being cognitive of your surroundings at large public gathering events. Unfortunately the world we live in today we just cant go out and have fun without taking precautions. Be Safe!